Windows 7 outdoes Windows 8, For the First Time!

Not always do you find a successor being outdone by a predecessor. Be it in the mobile niche or the software niche, the successor is expected to tame its predecessor and eventually shoot it down to oblivion. However, that’s not the case with Windows 8. It’s reported that the month of September saw Windows 8 […]

iPhone 5s likely to be launched in September.

Many dedicated shoppers are looking for the launch of the rumored iPhone 5s, which is expected to break previous barriers of color choice in Apple. Earlier Apple used to provide limited color choices regarding the range of iPhones. iPhones till the iPhone 5 model, comes with color choices between white and black with no changes in . . . → Read More: iPhone 5s likely to be launched in September.

Scratch Free Apple iPhone?

With the unveiling of much-awaited iPhone 5S round the corner, speculations about apprehended Apple’s novel creativity is running high. A Chinese fan site, Apple Daily, has gone a step ahead and predicted that a budget version of the elite Apple phone series known as iPhone C with features like scratch resistance, break resistance and body […]

Android leads the Competition in Mobiles as Of Now

Google’s Android OS is continuing to dominate the market and is snubbing the growth rate of Apple and Blackberry phones.  IDC, a research firm found that Apple’s global share went down to as low as 13.2% while that of Android run phones rose to 79.3%. The jump is also not very good for Blackberry whose […]

LG launches new smartphone G2

NEW YORK: The South Korean electronics company LG on Wednesday launched a new G2 phone in the smartphone market. The Phone has been launched in view of the competition posed from other smartphone makers such as Apple and Samsung. Speaking to the press reporters Jong-seog Park, CEO of LG electronics Mobile Communications, said that “The most innovative . . . → Read More: LG launches new smartphone G2

Apple’s new 11-inch MacBook Air

The MacBook Air was viewed as somewhat of a luxury product when it was introduced for the first time but with subsequent modifications and passage of time the definitions have changed. Right now, it occupies a substantial place in Apple’s tech products. The new MacBook Air, unveiled at WWDC 2013 offers a 1.7 GHz dual […]

Bug in Facebook, 6 million accounts exposed

The social giant has recently made a revelation and this one is particularly not auspicious for its users. Facebook has admitted that around 6 million users have exposed their contact information due to a bug in the site.

The social media giant and one the world’s most visited site admitted that personal information like e-mail address or . . . → Read More: Bug in Facebook, 6 million accounts exposed

Latest update from Apple today at WWDC 2013

Beginning today in San Francisco, USA is much awaited Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC). It is rumoured that latest software developments like the much talked about iOS 7 and iRadio will be unveiled along with software updates for Macbook Air and the next level of Mac OS X. The conference will be held from […]

Hands free computing is here to stay: Bans on Google Glass

We are moving towards an era which craves complete transparency and ease of accessibility without sparing comfort. Such an era has been initiated by Google with Google Glass which offers the perfect blend of transparency and handiness. With a voice activate, head mounted, computer toned down to the size of an eye wear, it is first . . . → Read More: Hands free computing is here to stay: Bans on Google Glass