Flash Supporting Android Tablets Are On Their Way

Whilst the Apple iPad famously does not support Flash, a slew of Android tablets are currently testing out flash capabilities. It is well known that multiple Apple competitors, including Chinese and start up companies, harp on Flash support as a means to defeat Apple. Now that has become even easier thanks to NVIDIA’s work with […]

Dell Mini 5 Going After The iPad Riding On Android

Apple’s iPad might have become the ubiquitous tablet computer in the market but there are other companies who are already making it their top priority to make a portable device that will rival with the iPad. Meet the Dell Mini 5, one such iPad competition that is betting on the ability of Android to get […]

HOTT Returns With An Even Cheaper Tablet

When HOTT showed off their MD700 tablet MID sometime back at CES2010, they teased everyone with the news that those things would be hitting the market with a distributor price of $129! Yes, that means a retail price of way below $200. Now they are back to tease everyone with the MD500. This is a […]

$99 Tablet Revealed By Marvell, Called Moby

Chip-maker and tech company Marvell has dropped quite a news today. They have released a new reference design for a tablet that is priced at $99. According to the company, this new design will do for the eBook market what the netbooks have done to the notebook market. Meaning, it will give those people who […]