Mistubishi Breaks Two Solar Cell Records Simultaneously

Mistubishi has shown some promising improvements in two types of solar panels by increasing the conversion efficiency in both. These achievements break previous world records for energy conversion efficiency in solar panels.
The firs record was broken by being able to improve the energy conversion in the standard polycrystalline cells. This was done by reducing the […]

Moser Baer’s Photo Voltaic Business Reports 7.3% Efficiency Boost In Solar Panel

Indian company Moser Baer’s Photo Voltaic sub-concern reported recently that they have been able to achieve a 7.3% efficiency on their 400W thin film large size modules. This new improvement, once applied to all panels in the company’s Greater Noida (New Delhi, India) Solar Plant, will increase the plants output to 50MW from about 40MW.
The […]

GE Is Now A Thin Film Solar Convert

General Electrics has been in the solar business for quite some time now and all this time they have been making silicon solar panels just like it has been done in the past. But the times they are (a) changing and hence GE has decided to switch to thin-film solar panels. They will use the […]

Solar Roadways Working On $100,000 Solar Powered Road

Solar Powered Roads is  concept that will make you feel more futuristic that any other futuristic traffic technology can. This is a technology makes entire roadways light up and convey messages that are relevant to the drivers. The company behind the technology – Solar Roadways, is working with a $100,000 grant that they received from […]

Conductive Plastic Could Lower Solar Panel Costs

As the world heads towards the imminent energy crisis and heightened pollution, solar panels are gaining popularity as the best alternative and sustainable source of energy. But the costs associated with large solar panel installations have been quite prohibitive so far, making it harder for the masses to deploy their own solar energy solutions. Various […]