Sapphire Debuts Their Own Pico Projector

Sapphire is a company that is mainly known for making graphics cards and other multimedia related computing products. So when they suddenly release a pico projector out of the blue, we just have to sit up and take notice. But their offering has nothing that will differentiate it from the competition, at least feature-wise it […]

Texas Instruments Delivers new nHD DLP Pico Chipset

Texas Instruments unveiled a new DLP Pico Chipset at Mobile World Congress 2010 that was held in Barcelona, Spain this year. This new chipset is called nHD DLP Pico and it is both thinner and smaller than the existing chipsets. This reduction in the footprint of the chipset itself will allow designers to integrate Pico […]

3M’s MPro150 Finds Reviews, Seems Well-Liked

The MPro150 is the the new and improved version of the MPro120. Pico Projectors as a whole are really new to the scene and hence we can still see significant changes appear in each new version. The MPro150 is no different.
This model has founds its way into the hands of multiple reviewers and it seems […]