EQD Auria Lanches Sub-$200 Micro-Projector

EQD Corp., a well-known manufacturer of LCD TV’s under the Auria brand, has launched a compact new micro-projector. It is a portable LED projector that is capable of projecting a 50″ projector for under $200. Which means it will fit right in with the small budgeted corporate people who need something handy to make presentations. […]

Camcorder With Pico Projector Coming From Ordro

If you haven’t heard of the company Ordro, don’t fret. They are relatively unknown in the camcorder sphere. But that might soon change once their new camcorder model comes out with a pico projector module perched on the top of it. This new attachment should give the camcorder lots of media attention.
The Ordro HDV-D350S comes […]

SD-HK800 Pico Projector From SolidMicro

SolidMicro became a new entrant in the pico projector market earlier this month with the unveiling of their new pico projector model — the SD-HK800. It is one of the rare few projectors in this market segment that runs on a Windows CE 5.0 embedded OS platform.
The SD-MK800 from SolidMicro goes non-conventional and uses the […]

Company Seeks To Fit Projector In A Grain Of Rice At Technology Alliance’s Innovation Showcase

Technology Alliance’s “Innvaotion Showcase” is a event where handpicked companies get to present to a select group of angel investors, business leaders, service providers and entrepreneurs. This year, the showcase was consciously kept hardware focussed and out of the of the five companies that presented, one had a very interesting idea about shrinking laser projectors […]

Nikon Rumored To Be Planning A DSC Model With Built-In Pico Projector While Asia Optical Prepares For Mass Deployment

Industry gossip favorities Digitimes reports that there is a possibility of Nikon [TYO:7731] developing a new DSC camera model that has a built-in LCoS pico-projector technology from Himax Technologies. This micro-projector will also be able to connect to a PC via the camera itself and work as an external projector.
The sources quoted by Digitime also […]