First Direct Green Lasers Fitted Into Pico Projector Prototypes By Microvision

Microvision has reported that it has successfully integrated direct green lasers into some of its pico projector prototypes. This is an important step towards the further miniaturization of the pico projector modules and making them cheaper too. These lasers hold to key to simplifying the manufacturing process, which will in turn benefit the whole chain.
Direct […]

Latest Trends in Micro Projectors

After reviewing multiple new micro and pico projectors which recently appeared on the market we decided to write this summary post about recent trends and developments in this niche.
We went through major characteristics of micro projectors and tried to nail down what are the typical expected values there. If you’re buying a micro or pico […]

3M Releases Two New Pico Projectors

3M has finally followed up on their previously released MPro150 and MPro120 pico projectors with the comparatively larger MP180. Thankfully, the previous models were quite slim and were loved for it. So the new one isn’t all that big and still manages to look pretty sleek beside all the other Pico projector models in the […]

Texas Instruments Unveils Newer, Smaller DLP Chip

DLP chips for the pico projectors developed by chip-maker Texas Instruments [NYSE:TXN] are present in almost all commercial pico projector models. And now the company has unveiled the next generation in the DLP (Digital Light Processing) chips that will make the pico projector a more common feature amongst handheld gadgets. They have managed to further […]