International release of Kindle 2!

Well, my speculations actually came true and even sooner and on a much larger scale than I have expected: Kindle 2 World version is available for pre-orders and will start shipping on Monday, October 19. Generally, International version of Kindle 2 is identical to the one that was released in February, except that it uses […]

Amazon geographical restrictions for Kindle Books update

A small update on the issue of Amazon geographical restrictions for Kindle eBooks. Apparently some users are still getting the following message:
We are sorry…
We could not process your order because of geographical restrictions on the product which you were attempting to purchase. Please refer to the terms of use for this product to determine the […]

I’ve just received my Sony PRS-600 Touch Edition

My Sony Reader Touch  Edition just came in by UPS. I’ve already unpacked it and currently wait for the device to charge. I’ll post the comparison review soon…

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Long Kindle battery life can spoil you

I’ve lent my refurbished Kindle 1 to a friend of mine to read some books and only a couple days later I’ve come to realize that since I’ve given him an electronic gadget it would have made sense to give him a charger as well since 1st generation Kindle uses custom power cable for charging […]

Solution for cracked Kindle problem

While there is an ongoing law suit against Amazon on the matter of Kindle leather cases causing damage to Kindle devices, a user on forum has proposed a simple solution. While it will not help if your Kindle is already broken it will prevent you from damaging your device by opening the cover on […]

Copy-paste for search and notes

As I was playing around with my Kindle DX, I’ve found an undocumented feature that can be used in a couple of ways. I checked and it also works in Kindle 2. It’s possible that it is known in the Kindle community or even documented but I wasn’t aware of it until I discovered it […]

Orwell Lawsuit is Over: Amazon Paying $150,000

In the swarm of controversy around Amazon’s book-deletion, Amazon managed to mostly finish cleaning things up with their customers.  One thread left unresolved, however, had been the the lawsuit. A student began a suit against Amazon when the deletion of 1984 and Animal Farm from his Kindle resulted in losing the notes for his homework.  […]

Refurbished Kindle DX now on sale for $399.00

For quite some time Amazon was selling refurbished Kindle devices at a discount:

First generation Kindle for $149.00
Kindle 2 for $219.00

Now you can also get refurbished Kindle DX with 9.7″ screen and PDF support at $90.00 (18%) discount for $399.00.
It should be noted that refurbished Kindles come with the same 1 year warranty as new ones.
Thanks […]

September 2009 Summary

There were some oddities with Kindle content count in the month of September. Just look at these graphs below…
Kindle book count was steadily increasing at 280 books per day for the entire month and Kindle store was about to post a gain of 8K+ books for the month when on the last day there was […]