Official Android Twitter App In The Works

Twitter has bought the Twitter iPhone app Tweetie and is now planning to use that to launch their own official App for Android users as well. The company used the Chirp conference for Twitter developers to push this notice out. As always, there is a lot of confusion and hatered against twitter for doing this […]

Hootsuite Releases Android Apps

Hootsuite, the popular webclient for Twitter users has released Android Apps (and updated their iPhone app). For those who have never used Hootsuite — this is a web-based Twitter client service that has power user features that are targeted mainly towwards business users. It has several functions that help you track your brand, keywords on […]

All Verizon Android Phones Now Have Skype

Looks like Verizon is inching close to providing that exclusive Skype integration that they declared some time back. Skype, as you know, as pulled out of several mobile stores and is not available on other mobile devices as a result. Verizon, at the time of announcing the deal, said that they would bring an unprecedented […]

SlingPlayer For Android Coming Soon

The Android community has recently been abuzz with talks of SlingPlayer. This happened after the rumors of the SlingPlayer coming to the Android platform were proved to be true by Sling Media themselves.
Sling Media gave a live demonstration of an unfinished SlingPlayer app for Android phones. The UI of the app resembles what we have […]

Bliquo For Android

Bliquo is relatively new app in the mobile world and it is available for the Android as well as the iPhone. This is a location aware app which uses your GPS data to give you a list of places around. By places I mean places where might want to go like restaurants, night clubs, bars, […]

Orkut App For Android Arrives

Orkut is Google’s social networking site that didn’t really take off in the US or anywhere else for that matter, with the due exceptions of Brazil and India. In those two countries it is quite big with a lot of people using the service. it is no competition to Facebook or Twitter though. And now […]