Fujifilm Launches New 3D Camera

Fujifilm announced out of Tokyo today a new 3D camera called the Finepix Real 3D W3. It has a 3.5 inch LCD with a 16:9 aspect ratio. It can record 3D videos at 720p and then connect directly to 3D-ready HDTV’s through HDMI 1.4. Just like other 3D cameras, it uses two separate lenses and […]

Playstation 3D Impresses Reviewers

Gaming regulars aside, even casual Playstation owners will have a hard time to ignoring the fact that Sony has two new tricks up its Playstation sleeve. One is the Playstation 3D and the other is the Playstation Move, with the latter being obviously Sony’s answer to the Wii from Nintendo which took the casual gamers […]

Microsoft Gives Us 3DTV Viewing Without Glasses

Yes, the holy grail of 3D footage viewing — viewing without the glasses. We love 3D, yes we do. But we hate them glasses, oh how we hate them. So here’s a solution from the Microsoft [NASDAQ:MSFT]  Applied Sciences Group — beaming two separate images to two each eye. Although this approach has been tried […]

Samsung Introduces New 3D Projector

Samsung recently showed off their A800 3D projector and the capabilities seem pretty impressive. This projector is capable of projecting a 3D image with the help of Active 3D technology and still maintain a high resolution with good color quality. Even though it has not been released and hence lacks a third-party opinions, it definitely […]