The Maker’s Diet

We are here to talk about a diet that estranges itself hard from all other types of diets – while maintaining a scientific principle behind it. This isn’t a diet which dieticians would subscribe to but nevertheless is something that one has to know. The Maker’s Diet, as it is called, is a healthy eating […]

Spa – What Can It Do For You?

days is twitching and pulling every fibre in your body. You feel the terrible aches that slowly accumulate inside you both mentally and physically. Don’t worry; there is a solution for everything – including fighting off the world’s fierce wrath on you. What can a massage do for you? Literally everything! From rejuvenating the body […]

The Mediterranean Diet, a healthy lifestyle

Many women are unaware of the risks involved with having a few extra pounds.

Obesity is not just an appearance problem; it can be the ingredient for diseases like heart problems or diabetes!

Today regarded as one of the most revised physical conditions, the first step in the fight against excess weight is to replace unhealthy foods . . . → Read More: The Mediterranean Diet, a healthy lifestyle

Is Amazon Getting its own Smartphone?

Unconfirmed reports are surfacing that Amazon has purchased the Evi app for $ 26m. There is speculation that this could lead to a mobile handset/Smartphone coming from Amazon soon.

This makes us ask a potentially serious question – Is Amazon planning to enter the smart phone market too?

Evi is a natural language search engine developed by . . . → Read More: Is Amazon Getting its own Smartphone?

Nokia Captures the Mobile Market Again?

According to the results of a recent study, the mobile growth in the smartphone category was driven to 221.6 million units in the last year. According to the Cyber Media Research(CMR), the handset sales in the third largest economy in Asia reached 183.4 million in 2011. The high end phones sale raised to 15.2 million […]

The first wireless phone came into existence in 1930’s?

If a Youtube video is to be believed, the wireless mobile phones that we use today prevailed in the 1930’s as well. In a Youtube video that has gone viral, we see a lady communicating through a wireless mobile phone.

In this clip, she is conversing on a prewar prototype of a cell phone which is thought . . . → Read More: The first wireless phone came into existence in 1930’s?