Wireless charging orb for the Nexus 4

The Owners of the Nexus 4 have a good news awaiting for them. A globe shaped charging orb has been launched for the Nexus 4 and is available on the Google play. It is a black spherical shaped ball like structure with the technology to charge the Nexus 4 smartphone without the use of any […]

Vertu releases £14,000 Android phone!

Vertu, the global luxury mobile maker has released a new luxury android phone costing £14,000. The Vertu phones with the Android operating system come in a range of £6,500 to £14,000. Earlier, Vertu was wholly owned by Nokia using the Nokia Symbian OS but now it has moved on to use the popular Android Operating […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in Pink. Really?

This Valentine’s Day, a pink Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was spotted in Taiwan Online Stores and was assumed to be launched for the world public on the love day. The tablet has been seen on the official website for Taiwan and is ready to be sold there. However, there is no news as of now […]

Beware of ‘Superclean’!

Beware of ‘Superclean’! A fake Android app infecting customers’ device; sends SMSs to unknown contacts Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT – In), one of India’s premier computer security agency have detected a fake android application which enters into smartphones and automatically starts sending SMSes to unknown contacts and that too without the knowledge of the […]

Microsoft Surface Pro sales irks awaiting fondlers

Saturday became a total sellout day for Microsoft Surface Pro, but this only made sellers run into almost immediate shortages.

On Saturday, Redmond launched the 64GB and the 128GB versions of this tablet at chosen retail outlets and also online, in U.S. and Canada. But Microsoft seemed to have slipped up on calculations, for they estimated . . . → Read More: Microsoft Surface Pro sales irks awaiting fondlers