Twitter and Facebook Now the Medium to Stalk Ex

When all of us just thought that we are being stalked by our ex, we fail to realize that we know this only because we stalk our ex as well. To confirm this scenario, a study shows that about one in three people stalk their crush’s or lover’s or ex’s profile on Twitter of Facebook. […]

9 Together On Google+ Hangout!

Google plus has taken some shape in India from when it has been launched. Not all of them are fond of it. Some think it makes no sense while others are on it just for the sake of it. In all of this commotion there is one thing because of which people would start using […]

Cheapest Windows 8 Touch-Laptop Offered By Acer

Finally, notebooks with the feature of Touch, running on Windows 8 OS are getting less priced. The latest Aspire V5 offered by Acer starts with a price of around $600 is basically the least priced Windows 8 laptop that can be availed in the market beating the cheapest touch-laptop of Asus costing around $700 up […]