Facebook: Big Data and NLP Determining Search Graph

Last month,Facebook introduced the graph search and this was touted as a killer application and a medium of a well planned and well implemented advertising technology. What comes out as the truth basket is that it is nothing like what we have heard over a month.

What does the graph search actually do? Facebook is . . . → Read More: Facebook: Big Data and NLP Determining Search Graph

Twitter’s Carbon App

Carbon which is a release by the Dots and Lines application developers for the twitter application in the android smart phones has announced its release recently after a delay of more than half a year. This application is available on the Google Play application store where the android users can go and download the Carbon […]

Now, a smart pen that vibrates when you make a grammatical error

Have you ever thought that when you make any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes while writing, some external features will rectify you? If you think it is impossible then you are incorrect; the modern technology can offer you something incredible. A German company Lernstift claims to have developed a device to rectify the mistakes of […]

Notebooks designed for Windows 8 by Lenovo

Lenovo had recently launched the sleek Idea Pad Y and Z series, thus updating its Idea Pad consumer Personal computers. Lenovo’s recently introduced notebooks offer the consumers with a range of style, performance options and colours, and are aptly designed for the newly released Windows 8 operating system. The third generation Intel core processors power […]