Facebook creates ‘cold storage’ for users

Facebook, the largest social networking site is building a mammoth cold storage facility in Prineville,Oregon,US to store all postings including messages and photos. Many of the 1-billion strong Facebook community do not need earlier information on a daily basis but would like to keep those for future reference. The 16,000 square foot data center will house . . . → Read More: Facebook creates ‘cold storage’ for users

Sony to Developers: Make Sure Your PlayStation 4 Games Support PS Vita Remote Play

An amazing feature of the Remote Play is its ability to use Playstation 3 via PSP or PS Vita over the net. There are only a few PlayStation 3 games that have supported this particular feature, but it is also enjoyable as it to play Bionic Commando.

Also, the belittled visual virtue and the deferred control response . . . → Read More: Sony to Developers: Make Sure Your PlayStation 4 Games Support PS Vita Remote Play

BlackBerry Z10 sales lower than predicted

As per the experts, the Canadian company Research in Motion is facing a tough time. Blackberry has just sold 300,000 of the Z10 phones which are equipped with the superior BB10 software by the year ended on 2nd March, according to conservative estimates. Markets analysts had expected sales up to the figure of 1.5 million. This . . . → Read More: BlackBerry Z10 sales lower than predicted

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 leaked at MWC

The South Korean multinational conglomerate company Samsung appears to be showing off the very fabled Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet which would be launched at the coming week at Mobile World Congress 2013. While, there has been a spy-shot that is being circulated of the Samsung Galaxy Note8.0 being released at the MWC. Also, throughout the […]

Microsoft too was hit by Hackers!

In an astonishing update, Microsoft revealed that it too had been hit by cyberattacks which were identical to those reported by Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. In a blog post by the company’s security official it was revealed that there were some of the company’s computers which were infected by malicious software. Also, it was […]

Retina iPad mini images leaked online

The brand new Retina iPad mini has supposedly made its first appearance on the Internet where faux pictures mix freely with truth and original product specifications. CNET reports that a website (based in china) has claimed that the leaked image that has been posted by it is that of Retina iPad mini. In case you […]