Samsung considers Expanding Music Hub availability to all devices

The Korean company Samsung in its future plans look to expand the availability of Music Hub. Music Hub till now is only accessible in somewhat a limited area. It is currently available only in six countries and devices including Galaxy S III and Note II.

Music Hub is a cloud based service which integrates mobile and . . . → Read More: Samsung considers Expanding Music Hub availability to all devices

Ex-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates thinks Windows 8 doing good without him

 Ever since the release of Windows 8 on 26th October, it has received mixed reactions from the users with some of them praising the new user interface, whereas others feeling it’s totally awful. In spite of all of the criticisms, Microsoft’s new offering seems to do pretty well. Tami Reller, CFO for MIcrosoft’s Windows division, announced . . . → Read More: Ex-Microsoft CEO Bill Gates thinks Windows 8 doing good without him

Facebook Clarifies its Developer Policies

 The major social networking site Facebook, has updated its policies for third party application developers. This has been done in order to clarify why Twitter’s app Vine is not allowed to access friend finder tool of Facebook. Vine is a video sharing app by twitter and has recently been blocked by Facebook. The biggest changes […]

Apple Announces Expansion of iPhone 5 Carriers

The tech giant Apple Inc has announced the expansion of iphone 5 carriers supporting 4G LTE. Now the device will be available to thirty six more carriers with 4G LTE. LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is a wireless communication standard for very high speed data transfer. There are about 24 carriers already working […]

As Windows 8 takes off, new apps are launched

Microsoft Corporation has offered a whole new range of apps in its Windows 8 system. The new arrays of apps are designed keeping in mind the operating systems’ touch sensitivity. Apps can be defined as small programmes for mobile computers. It helps users to connect phones to internet facilities, which are generally used on computers. […]

Dish to close 300 blockbuster stores

Right after shutting down 650 stores in the year 2012, Dish Network Corporation now plans to cease operation of 300 more stores this year. This move is likely to leave 3000 employers without jobs. After ceasing operations of underperforming outlets and stores which are nearing end in terms of leases, a total of 500 stores […]

Apple seeks China trademark on iPad’s likeness

Having already nabbed the trademark name for iPad in 2012, Apple is a step further to seek rights over the tablet’s likeliness.

Two blueprints- one in black and white and another in colour have been submitted by the company. They were in compliance with the International Class 009, a classification of trademarks which includes computer, computer peripheral . . . → Read More: Apple seeks China trademark on iPad’s likeness