Mozilla’s Firefox Jumps into the SmartPhones war

In a recent development to the Smartphone feud, Mozilla too has taken a shot in it. In a major move, which is expected to affect Apple and Google’s market domination, the company unveiled phones that will be available to developers who wish to provide apps for it. Spanish Company Geeksphone will be responsible for providing […]

Nexus 10 Back in Market, Finally!

 Google’s extremely popular and latest tablet nexus 10 has launched back on sale. Both the versions of the device are back at the play store. This news has cheered the fans waiting anxiously for the new stock of the device. Google nexus 10 tablet was launched in last November and has been in huge demand […]

Shares of Top Tech Companies Rise

The shares of two giants of the Silicon Valley Google and Apple have gained in the current earnings season, last Tuesday. The encouraging results of Tuesday have left the investors with high hopes that the awaited results of Wednesday would also cross their expectations. Google was one of the top technology companies to be included […]

Google to Replace Password with USB keys and ‘Smart Rings’

In a really interesting move, Google has decided to do away with the lengthy, tedious passwords and come up with a small USB key. It comes as a welcome relief to all those who try to remember scores of passwords. Also, it comes a as solution to the hacking of various websites and accounts. Today, people . . . → Read More: Google to Replace Password with USB keys and ‘Smart Rings’