Samsung’s profit soars as Galaxy fends off iPhone 5 challenge

South Korean based Samsung Electronics Company reported an extraordinary fourth quarter earnings as the sales of the Galaxy phones overtook the sales of the newly introduced Apple iPhone 5.  The operating profit of the world’s largest television and mobile manufacturer progressed to 89 per cent and recorded to an amount of $8.3 billion at the […]

Google Nexus Dock available for $39.99

Six months after the official launch of the Google Nexus, its dock will be shipped to the US. The dock is manufactured by Asus and will be available at a price of $39.99. The Verge citing a reliable source announced that the dock will be available in the stores of United States within duration of […]

Google Nexus much cheaper than Apple’s iPad

We are very much known to the ongoing wars between Google’s Android operating system and Apple’s iOS operating system. Now here is another battle between the two tech giants, the fight this time is for the position of the best tablet in the market. Google’s recently launched Nexus 10 tablet boasts of a price tag . . . → Read More: Google Nexus much cheaper than Apple’s iPad