Apple Store Looted on New Year Eve

On New Years eve, burglary broke into an Apple store in Paris. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, robbers broke into central Paris Apple store, situated behind the building Paris Opera at around 9 o’clock in the evening. These four armed veiled men who hurriedly entered through service gate in the store tearing off […]

Apple dumps Samsung for iPad mini chips

It may come as a shock to many that the brand new shiny 4th generation iPad is in fact powered by a Samsung chip. It is sufficiently odd, taking in view the fact that the rival firms have been suing each other for the past two years. But according to a Taiwanese newspaper App Advice […]

Aftermath of agonising fiscal cliff

The challenging fiscal cliff deal has paved way for even bigger and tough budget fights. The agreement had barely prevented latent tax hikes and spending cuts. Obama in his re-election agenda had promised to tackle budget woes by hiking taxes on prosperous Americans. This had set the tone for official confrontation on spending cuts and […]