Apple said to be talking to Foursquare for maps data

Apple, one of the leading mobile phone companies, is planning to strengthen its list of features that it offers to its users. According to reports received, the company has goofed up to improve its mobile mapping service. Rumors are going round that this gigantic company is talking with Foursquare, a social networking company over this […]

Walmart drops prices on iPad and iPhone 5.

Walmart’s Santa is here granting wishes to Apple’s consumers this Christmas. The retail Giant made an announcement on Friday that it will be slashing down the price on Apple’s third generation iPad and iPhone 5. If you were longing for Apple to drop its price on iPhone 5 or iPad, it’s time you get yourself […]

Google drops support for Microsoft’s Exchange activeSync

Google made it official that it will not be supporting Microsoft’s Exchange ActiveSync protocol, a.k.a Google sync, anymore. In its official announcement, Google added that current users will remain unaffected but new users trying to access Gmail on their mobile phone via Google sync will not be able to do so.

The company has suggested that non-android . . . → Read More: Google drops support for Microsoft’s Exchange activeSync