Apple greets India with Mac Mini and the 21.5-inch iMac

For long, it was hard to hear anything exciting about personal computing until Apple greeted the Indian market on October 23, by revealing its Mac Mini and the 21.5 inch iMac which will be now available for Indian users. The official website of the company shows the valuation for the Mac Mini meanwhile regarding the […]

Apple Bumping iPad Mini to Retina Territory

The iPad Mini has been an exclusion from Apple’s range of devices adorned with the high resolution Retina display. Recent reports, straight out of Asia based industries, beg to differ about the future of the tablet. The iPad Mini launched in October after months of speculation and gossip. This was termed as Apple’s reply to […]

Kindle in China

Kindle devices might finally make it to the Chinese market. The Kindle iPhone and iPad applications were made available for download on the Chinese app store. In addition, Android users can also download the app. On the other hand, Amazon China’s Kindle bookstore boasts of over 22,500 books. The launch of Kindle devices in China […]

Visually Impaired people gather outside Amazon Headquarters

Dozens of visually impaired people gathered outside Amazon’s Seattle headquarters on Wednesday to urge the manufacturer of e-reader products to make its devices fully usable for blind students. The National Federation of the blind says the decision made by Amazon Inc. to install Kindle e-books in K-12 classrooms might have a negative impact on blind […]

Amazon Kindle store launched for Chinese readers

In an interesting move, Amazon has set up Kindle store for the Chinese readers. As the trusted reports say, Most of the Chinese people were eagerly waiting for such a move from the Amazon online store but the strange fact remains that there is not any Amazon tablet released in China. Chinese readers can access the . . . → Read More: Amazon Kindle store launched for Chinese readers

End of Apple Maps?

All those unhappy iOS users who have been forced to use Apple’s faulty map application can breathe a sigh of relief. The Google maps application for the new operating system has finally released. Users who have used the iOS maps have earlier complained of missing places on the map. In a recent case, people who used . . . → Read More: End of Apple Maps?