Getting an iPhone shipped has just become quicker!

Now an iPhone 5 can be in your hands in just two to four days! The newly launched smartphone by Apple can be ordered through their online store and the wait time has just become shorter, improving from a long wait of three to four weeks! This was the case in September when pre-orders were […]

Apple iTunes spread out to 56 more countries!

People of 56 more countries will now have access to the popular iTunes Store. On Tuesday, it will extend to double the size of the countries it served initially extending its market reach drastically. With other rival applications coming up in the market more than ever, this expansion comes as an answer to those. Microsoft […]

Nexus 4- iPad 4 has a new price competitor!

The success and standing of the Apple iPad leaves nobody in doubt of its quality. It has even set the path for future Apple products, such as the iPad 4 and the iPad Mini. However, what is noticed also among all of this Apple madness is the fact that Google Nexus 10 is becoming a […]

Kindle Shortage at Amazon UK!

If you have been following the success of Amazon Kindle sales in the last few weeks, you would have noticed a major boost in their sale volumes! With Amazon running special deals starting on Thanksgiving Thursday and all the way into Black Friday and Cyber Monday and after, they sold up to triple their regular […]

Tumblr, the new victim of hackers

Hackers have victimized Tumblr utilizing a security loophole and the anti-blogging unit, GNAA is responsible for it. With this worm, Tumblr user’s feed could be flooded with a racist spam. Users can get attacked with this infection just with the visit of a Tumblog. This worm gave terror to many of news organizations’ Tumblrs which include . . . → Read More: Tumblr, the new victim of hackers