Amazon Kindle Fire Launch Rumors

The tablet market is abuzz with rumors of the launch of Amazon Kindle Fire 3. The tablet is expected to hit the market in nearly 10 months, by September 2013. Reports say that Compal will be responsible for the manufacturing of about 20 to 30 % of the tablets whereas the rest will be dealt […]

Apple’s latest target: Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and S3 Mini

In addition to hurling snarls at each other, Samsung and Apple also seem to be hurling gadget complaints at one another! The Apple- Samsung patent war continues and has become more pressing. Halfway in between the week, Samsung filed a petition appeal that the iPad Mini, the new fourth generation iPad, and the fifth-generation iPod […]

SchedulingWiz – Schedule everything easily!

I am sure  many of you had that time when you forgot about that important meeting you had and suddenly realized to your horror that the meeting had already started! You must surely have felt quite horrific then. Do you think a scheduling software could have helped you back then? Would the reminder have just […]

Google Vs. Microsoft Online Shopping Searches

Online shopping has gained much audience and all of them rely on the search engines to pop up with the popular and reliable shopping sites. How do the search engines Google and Microsoft Bing work? Google has announced earlier this year that the product searches made in this search engine would list the services that are . . . → Read More: Google Vs. Microsoft Online Shopping Searches