Exploding Sales of iPad and iPhone over Christmas 2012

Tablets in its true sense, have been around ever since the iPad was launched. Now, with the release of the iPad 4th Generation earlier this year, Apple has been giving a stiff competition to all other tablets. However, 2012 was the year which made the iPad be in the news all the time. Many research companies have […]

After Smart iPhones, Apple to Launch a Smart iWatch?

After the launch of Sony’s much criticized Android platform based smart watch, Apple and Intel are rumored to be working on a new iWatch. Intel is supposedly developing this eye candy for Apple which will sport new features and will add yet another product to Apple’s stables. A popular Chinese Techblog states that the watch would . . . → Read More: After Smart iPhones, Apple to Launch a Smart iWatch?

Not a Good news for Blackberry Fans

BlackBerry maker Research In Motion (RIM) lost one million subscribers in the last quarter, the first drop in users in the company’s history. The number of Blackberry users dipped to 79 million from 80 million three months ago. The Canadian Company, which has no debt, gave a positive sign to its investors by increasing its […]

5 Year Old Boy finds Pornographic images embedded in his new Nintendo 3DS

Braydon Giles had his dreams come true this Christmas, when he was gifted with a Rubberfished Nintendo 3DS, only to find pornographic images on it. The 5 year old and his brother were surfing through the 9 default pictures in the new gadget when they discovered a disturbingly vivid picture of a couple in bed. Bryton . . . → Read More: 5 Year Old Boy finds Pornographic images embedded in his new Nintendo 3DS

The five Biggest Stories of 2012: Amazon

The Ecommerce giant has spent the entire year trying hard to manage stepping its competitor’s shoes. Amazon, the e-commerce giant tried hard to keep everyone busy and kept doing what it is known for, invading in other people’s territory. The company has been experimenting at trying its hands in book publishing, Web-site hosting and video-gaming […]

India’s support on UN’s web regulations stirs discomfort in the Indian Internet industry.

Very recently, The International Telecom Union, a part of the United Nations proposed to define internet spams and cyber fraud in a manner that would be controlled by The United Nations itself by regulating the ‘international network’ under its control. India’s inclination towards the support of this proposal has caused discomfort to the big players […]