Facebook’s external advertising network

As people say, if you are nowhere to be found, then you are on Facebook. Looking at the time you spend on Facebook and the activities that you do every day, like posting comments, liking posts, playing, news feeding, etc, Facebook gets a data about your likes & dislikes, based on which Facebook has come […]

Apple using Harley Davidson Lightenening Trademark

Can you think of anything that relates big names as Apple & Harley-Davidson, off course, apart from them being a brand name?  The answer is the word Lightening. Now, how is the word lightening is related to these companies & how can this term become an interjection between the two? For the answer to this, […]

Cyber Monday HTC 8X Deals

HTC has launched its latest phone in the Windows phone series named the HTC 8X. The device possesses one of the fastest processors and the HTC 8X can be compared with Nokia Lumia 920, another Windows based phone. The Cyber Monday HTC 8X Deals reveal many points of comparison between this phone and the Nokia […]

Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals

Google Nexus is one of the most talked about Smartphone in the market today. The Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals reveal that this device from the Google is in a direct competition with the Apple iPhone. Each of the devices is good in its own way. Both the phones are popular ones and have their […]

Cyber Monday iPhone Deals

The iPhone is one of the most hyped gadgets of the present days. With its many attractive features and the Apple logo this gadget is one of the most loved gadgets of the present days. The advanced technology has transformed the gadget into better and efficient device. One important part of this gadget is the […]