Discounts revealed at Cyber Monday Google Nexus deals

Everyone of us are excited due to Christmas being round the corner,  what more can Christmas offer this year with the great deals that are going on at the Cyber Monday Google Nexus Deals. There are heavy discounts that are being offered at these events at the different stores that each one of us must […]

Cyber Monday Microsoft Surface deals

Microsoft recently made a debut in the tablet PC market by launching Microsoft Surface. Microsoft launched the product in step with the Windows 8 Operating system. The screen is quite impressive which offers a 16:9 display screen to its purchasers that stay crystal clear; no matter which angle you view it from. Also when the […]

Cyber Monday Kindle paper white deals

Every year, Amazon has been offering great Cyber Monday Kindle Paper White deals and other electronic deals during the shopping season. The Kindle White is one of the most popular gadgets at these deals even if there is no discount price; you may be able to get great deals such as on Kindle paper white! […]

Cyber Monday Lumia 920 Deals

Nokia Lumia 920 is definitely unbeatable when it comes to Windows Smart-phones. They are selling like hot cakes at the cyber Monday Lumia 920 deals. The phone has been adjudged as the best seller in the market. This has been happening all due to the hot deals that have been happening and the other on-going […]

Cyber Monday Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Deals

NOTE: Cyber Monday Kindle Fire Deal Currently Active: $129 for Kindle Fire (Basic Model Only); Limit One Per Customer There was never really a chance to see Cyber Monday Amazon Kindle Paperwhite deals this year.  They are so oversold that customers are expected to not only order as soon as possible to get theirs delivered […]

Cyber Monday Amazon Kindle Deals

We didn’t really expect to see any Amazon Kindle deals this year for Cyber Monday.  That’s probably a good thing, as it turns out.  Amazon didn’t decide to discount any of their devices this year for either Black Friday or Cyber Monday.  In fact they haven’t even got their newest touchscreen Kindle, the Paperwhite, in […]

Cyber Monday iPad Deals

Say what you will about the iPad Mini, the upgrades they made to the full sized iPad in its fourth generation make it even more obviously the best thing on the market for a number of uses.  The power under the hood has been increased significantly with the new processor and the proprietary Thunderbolt transfer […]

Cyber Monday iPhone Deals

Based on last year’s precedents we really never expected to see any Cyber Monday iPhone deals.  Apple isn’t known for selling their devices at discounted prices so soon after they are released.  It was frankly shocking to see the new Fourth Generation iPad sold at any sort of a markdown even at the Black Friday […]

Cyber Monday Kindle Fire HD Deals

The Kindle Fire HD has been extremely well reviewed since it came out a couple months ago.  The Dolby audio software has made particularly positive impressions on most users, offering the Kindle some of the best sound it’s possible to get out of tablet speakers.  The upgrade to a newer version of Android did a […]

Cyber Monday iPad Mini Deals

Apple ran a very popular one day sales event in celebration of Black Friday.  They have chosen not to do anything similar for Cyber Monday.  That’s probably not too much of a surprise for anybody, but it does mean a lost opportunity as far as promoting the new iPad Mini goes.  The latest member of […]