Cyber Monday HTC 8X Deals

Microsoft has decided to approach the issue of interface design in a fairly unique way lately.  They are combining the interfaces of all their devices to create a cohesive experience that takes in every aspect of their interests.  This means that no matter what you’re using, be it a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 PC, […]

Cyber Monday Google Nexus 4 Deals

I think that we can all agree that the current carrier model for cellular contracts is far from consumer friendly.  Everybody hates the idea of having to renew for years in advance to be able to afford the latest in cell phones, but there aren’t many other options that won’t cost hundreds of dollars out […]

Cyber Monday Google Nexus 7 Deals

It seems that there will be no Cyber Monday Google Nexus 7 deals this year.  Google has come out and confirmed that they will not be discounting the popular Android tablet beyond its already low price.  Unlike many similar products, this likely means that even retail partners won’t be selling discounted or incentivized units as […]

An enormous report on mobiles released by Ericsson

Ericsson, the provider of data communication and telecommunications system, released a huge report on mobiles. According to the report, China, the remaining part of Asia and Africa together subscribed up to 75 percent of new mobiles in third quarter of 2012. As per the figures, China accounted for 38 million subscriptions, rest of Asia accounted […]

Want Nuclear Weapon free zone in Middle East – Ban Ki-Moon

Ban Ki-Moon, UN Secretary General, on Saturday, reiterated his support towards the establishment of Nuclear Weapon free zone in Middle East. There was a conference sponsored by United Nations, which was attended by all the nations in the Middle East, which was organized with the motive of building a zone which is free of nuclear […]

Cyber Monday Amazon Kindle Deals

When people hear you talk about the Kindle these days they often assume that you’re referring to the newer Kindle Fire subset of Amazon’s device hardware ventures.  Fortunately, the Kindle eReader line is still going strong.  There is definitely more room for growth on the tablet side of things given all that is yet being […]

Cyber Monday iPad deals

The iPad is still one of the best available in the tablet market. Apple, as a brand, is well known & established in the market & just based on the popularity of the name it has made a mark in the Cyber Monday iPad deals. IPad 2 is a second generation iPad. Features It comes […]

Cyber Monday Microsoft Surface Deals

Don’t expect to be seeing any Cyber Monday Microsoft Surface deals any time soon.  Most of the critics of the new tablet have come out against the price that Microsoft has chosen to set for it, but it’s apparent that they made that decision consciously in an effort to assert that it should be taken […]

Thai Police fire tear gas during anti-government rally

Thai police fired tear gas at 10,000 or so protestors and arrested dozens of them on Saturday for their remonstration against the Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. It was one of the biggest street protest against the government which is only 16 months old.

Thousands of protestors came together asking for the current Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to . . . → Read More: Thai Police fire tear gas during anti-government rally