Black Friday iPad Mini Deals

While there were discounts on a great deal of the Apple Store’s selection in connection with their one day only Black Friday sales event, the iPad Mini was left off that list.  There have been absolutely no Black Friday iPad Mini deals that I’ve been able to fine, in fact.  That’s not likely to change […]

Black Friday Amazon Kindle Deals

The Amazon Kindle is the device that everybody else has to keep in mind if they want to do anything with eReading software or hardware.  They’ve been the driving force behind everything from digital book distribution to low cost reading technology that specializes on providing an ideal experience.  Naturally if there were going to be […]

Black Friday Kindle Fire HD Deals

While the iPad holds a much-deserved place at the top of the tablet PC marketplace, Amazon has managed to upset just about every other tablet maker with the introduction of the Kindle Fire.  A year ago when it came out, a 7″ tablet that ran well and cost only $200 basically eliminated half the Android […]

Black Friday Kindle Paperwhite Deals

Ever since Amazon managed to get the price of the Kindle down from its early $200+ numbers the Kindle has made a great stocking stuffer.  Since Black Friday’s major appeal, in theory, is that it makes a great time to get your holiday shopping done in a timely manner with the maximum possible savings involved […]

Black Friday iPad Deals

The one thing that came across as truly appealing at Apple’s sales event this year was the Black Friday iPad deals.  Leaving aside the iPad Mini as a product that doesn’t really belong in this class of products anyway, the iPad is still the best thing on the tablet market in many ways.  To see […]

Black Friday iPhone Deals

Apple’s one day sales event was quite the experience as far as Black Friday sales go, but it did not involve any discounts on the popular iPhone 5.  There was, in fact, a shortage of Black Friday iPhone deals in general.  You certainly couldn’t count on Apple for any.  That’s to be expected based on […]

Black Friday Microsoft Surface Deals

Microsoft managed to use their sales event to highlight the importance of accessory use with their new tablet.  The Black Friday Microsoft Surface deals ended up involving the covers associated with the tablet itself rather than the price of the main component.  As anybody who has looked at Microsoft’s latest ad campaign for the Surface […]

Black Friday Lumia 920 Deals

Nokia’s latest addition to the Windows Phone 8 ecosystem, the Lumia 920, has met with amazing reviews.  It was sold out within hours of launch and everybody around the country seems to have been having trouble keeping them in stock since them.  That’s resulted in there being not very many Black Friday Lumia 920 deals, […]

Black Friday HTC 8X Deals

Windows Phone 8 is beginning to be considered the next big thing in mobile device software.  While Android and iOS currently split the lion’s share of the smartphone market, people are frustrated by the fragmentation of the Android operating system and the closed nature of the app market for iPhone users.  Microsoft is trying to […]

Black Friday Samsung Galaxy SIII Deals

The Galaxy SIII might not be the top of the line smartphone on the market at the moment, but it’s still among the most popular devices running Android at the moment.  Unlike in the cases of some of the more recently released models, there have actually been some interesting Black Friday Samsung Galaxy SIII deals […]