Windows 8 Sales are Disappointing

Paul Thurrott, the guy behind the Supersite for Windows, recently reported that the sales volumes for Microsoft Windows 8 are below the presumed target. His bolg stated, “Sales of Windows 8 PCs are well below Microsoft’s internal projections and have been described inside the company as disappointing.” This information has certainly not yet been confirmed […]

Black Friday iPhone Deal

The recently launched iPhone 5 has become the talk of the town. The first series was released in the year 2007 with the user interface having a touch-screen along with Wi-Fi and 2G, 3G, 4G cellular connectivity. Apart from the obvious, that is making and receiving calls, the iPhone can take photographs, shoot videos, play […]

Black Firday iPad deal

The iPad, in the short span of time after being launched in 2010, has gained immense popularity. The user-interface is built around the device’s touch-screen with a special feature of a virtual keyboard instead of a physical one. With a super fast Wi-Fi internet and 2G, 3G and now 4G connectivity, this device can shoot […]

Black Friday iPad Mini Deal

The iPad Mini is a smaller version of the legendary iPad though it possesses all the various features and applications that the iPad has to offer. Superbly designed and extremely light and portable to carry, the iPad Mini has a beautiful screen with a fast and fluid performance along with FaceTime and iSight Camera. Powered […]

Black Friday Amazon Kindly Deal

The Kindle, by Amazon, is the perfect 6” device for reading. It is less than 6 ounces in weight which makes it lighter than a paperback and can easily fit into a pocket. This device is thinner than a pencil as it’s just one-third of an inch in size with a darker, hand-tuned font making […]

Black Friday Kindle Fire HD Deal

Kindle Fire HD is the world’s most advanced tablet you will ever come across. Boasting of a 7”HD display, dolby audio and dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi which is the fastest ever in a tablet, this device comes with either a 16GB or 32GB storage capacity. With a 1280×800 HD display which possesses polarizing […]

Black Friday Kindle Fire Deal

The all new Kindle Fire is the latest edition of the Kindle, weighing just 400 grams, having a 7” LCD display, which gives the user a wide variety of movies, songs, TV shows, magazines, books, audio books to choose from. It is loaded with the most popular and latest apps, games and email and Facebook […]

Black Friday Microsoft Surface Deal

Microsoft Surface is a series of tablets which have been designed and marketed by Microsoft. There are two versions of this tablet available, one with Windows RT and the other with Windows 8 Pro. The Windows Store enables both versions to install new applications. The Windows 8 Pro model uses an Intel CPU while the […]

Sunita Williams makes new record after a 4 month stay in space station.

Sunita Williams the Indian-American space astronaut set a new record as she along with two fellow astronauts safely returned to Earth on 19th November 2012. They returned from the International Space Station, having a safe landing at central Kazakhstan. The duration of their stay in the space was of 4 months. The landing was a perfect . . . → Read More: Sunita Williams makes new record after a 4 month stay in space station.