Best Windows 8 Applications

As Windows 8 becomes public, we take look at some popular applications in Store. For the first time, a real connection between the tablet and desktop applications has been seen which has come as a pleasant surprise for many. It has been predicted that adoption rates should become more and more in the days to […]

7 Navy SEALS ready to play

Being a part of an elite force, the U.S. Nave SEALs are famous for the killing of Osama Bin Laden. This act of bravery by the 7 members of this team made them a household name. All the members of this team are still on active duty with four of them being transferred out of […]

News on the Apple- HTC agreement

Apple and HTC joint hands and announced the settlement of a pending and on-going trial between both companies.  A licenced agreement which was done for 10 years was decided but nothing more was let out or announced publicly. However, the execs of both companies seemed pleased with the joint settlement and mentioned that innovation was […]

A New Super-Earth That Might Support Life

A new Super-Earth has been discovered by an international team of astronomers that is said to exist in the inhabitable zone of a close by star, which is a party of a six-planet system. The planet system was initially contemplated to consist of three planets orbiting very close to the star for supporting liquid water. […]

Apple is sued yet again by VirnetX for $368 million!

It’s time for Apple to be in the news again for getting sued by VirnetX, yet again! It was only last week when VirnetX announced that it was declaring four private network patents. These patents were the same as the ones they procured a $368 million from Apple. The reason for the latest lawsuit is […]

New Secret Boards: Latest feature launched by Pinterest

According to latest reports, Pinterest adds yet another interesting feature known as ‘Secret Boards’ to their site!

Pinterest is a creative and quirky website that simply used as an online pin board. This two-year old company lets you tag just about anything that you want to find on the internet, and preserve it. It can be . . . → Read More: New Secret Boards: Latest feature launched by Pinterest