Look through the best Windows 8 Apps!

Windows 8 has entered the virtual and software world with quite a bang! As a software that claimed to work best on a tablet or any device that required touch, it has also been made so as to use on other non-touch based devices as well. Believed to have hosted some of the best apps […]

Twitter Sends Unintended Password Reset E-Mails

A recent technical flaw on Twitter caused a little controversy as it was reported by the users on Thursday that they received password reset e-mails by Twitter for their respective accounts. This technical issue primarily raised concern that such an attack on Twitter had compromised quite a lot of accounts. Twitter users reported on Thursday […]

Facebook COO sells second batch of stock for $3.75 million!

Looks like it was time to sell more shares of Facebook yet again! Tuesday saw Sheryl Sandberg, the current Facebook Chief Operating Officer, indulged in the sale of 3.75 million worth of Facebook shares. This has been her second sale of stock ever since restrictions regarding trading from insiders expired last week. Sanderberg announced, according […]

Samsung Ativ’s Windows 8 to be priced at $800

Reports have confirmed that when Samsung Ativ’s Windows 8 hits stores and is ready to be launched, it will be priced at $800. At such a price, this x86 device is sure to face some trouble when competing against its rivals like Windows RT tablets, Apple’s OS and Android. This tablet’s main target is the […]

Over 30 million Samsung Galaxy S III sold!

After 5 months of its launch, Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone has reached the 30 million sales mark. This news was revealed by a Samsung blog post earlier this week.This sales mark has been achieved much faster than the earlier Samsung Galaxy S II sales which managed a sale of 10 million devices in the […]

‘iFone’ wins the name battle, Apple loses!

A telecommunications company based in Mexico City has finally won the battle, after almost four years of struggle, in a fight for the trademark name with Apple’s ‘iPhone’. Apple’s product iPhone is a very popular device all over the world, though people have little or no idea that this brand name is not Apple’s own […]

3 million iPads sold by Apple in the first weekend

Within 3 days of launching the iPad 4 and iPad Mini, Apple Inc sold around 3 million pieces despite the increasing competition it has been facing from its rivals. With the beginning of the holiday season, this proved to be a great boost for the company with predictions being made that the sale numbers were […]

Apple accuses Samsung on Infringement Rights: More on the Recent Saga

Recently, Apply Inc spoke about Samsung Electronics Co’s product Galaxy Note to have violated the copyright rights that Apple holds. Now, Apple has vouched on adding Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system to an existing proceeding that has been going between the two companies at California. Apple states that the latest Android OS infringes on Apple’s . . . → Read More: Apple accuses Samsung on Infringement Rights: More on the Recent Saga