Latest Windows 8 Update

Metro, the name chosen for Windows 8 interface banked heavily on the Live Tiles feature on the start screen. Though it might have sounded radical when it got introduced and the way it was used, all the praises and the complaints that the Microsoft received from the users were all that were related with its […]

Google Halloween Doodle!

It’s time for trick-or-treat on Google! Google celebrated Halloween this year by making an animated doodle feature which portrayed a 13 numbered haunted mansion with frightening and weird creatures around it. A crow too was seen hopping around on the roof of the house from one place to another. Creepy music was played in the […]

Windows Phone 8

Finally, Microsoft has decided to reveal all the information and details about the Windows Phone 8. Much more improved than the Windows Phone 7, the new software will be made available by Nokia, HTC and Samsung. With a lot of interesting and new features being added to it, the makers hope to launch the product […]

MS Office 2013 & Enterprise unveiled: Problems reported

Microsoft Office 2013 is out in the market for quite some time. Surprisingly, it has just recorded its RTM Milestone. As per a Microsoft official, all the products in MS Office 2013 package are about to be available by December 1. Additional products that are not strictly included in the basic package are listed too […]

New Timeline Feature Contemplated in Facebook

With the new time-line coming in, Facebook has received mixed responses from its users. No doubt, Facebook has been the most popular social networking website of the era. The users were very friendly with the old look of their profile and the new changes come as a surprise for many. Some find the new timeline […]

Microsoft Publishes Companion App for Win Phone 8

Microsoft has published the much-awaited Companion app for Windows Phone and Windows RT while preparing for the official launch of Windows Phone 8. The Companion app is expected to make syncing content greatly easier with the Windows Phone 8 devices. This app will flawlessly sync music, photos, videos or any media from Windows 8 gadgets to . . . → Read More: Microsoft Publishes Companion App for Win Phone 8

Delayed Surface arrival reported: MS Office 2013 & Enterprise unveiled

It’s now a couple of months that MS Office 2013 is available in the public domain. But it’s just reported to have touched the RTM Milestone. Yesterday, Microsoft attained the Enterprise licensing through proper channel.

A release date is soon expected. To the delight of Microsoft users, the markets will be flooded with Office 2013 & Enterprise. A . . . → Read More: Delayed Surface arrival reported: MS Office 2013 & Enterprise unveiled