Windows Launch Event Review

With the unveiling of the much-awaited, modern and contentious Windows 8 in New York, a lot of information was given out about the latest version of Windows and Microsoft Surface Tablet. Windows 8 is possibly the most vibrant version of the company’s operating system and has been intended for a fully new generation of tablets and . . . → Read More: Windows Launch Event Review

Recap of Windows Launch Event

Finally the much-hyped, innovative and controversial product ever was unveiled by Microsoft in New York.  Scores of information was rolled out regarding Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 8 as well as its Surface Tablet. Windows 8 came out as the most dynamic versions of the OS and has been designed for a whole new generation of […]

Windows 8: Kindle has arrived

Amazon has ridden over the wave of Windows 8, right on time! For its readers, it has brought Kindle app which is now available in Windows store. Asked to log in, the user is directly taken to the ‘clouded’ library listing features are available for downloadable articles. There are several icons listed under cloud/ device […]

Kindle re-invented, Windows 8 has more tools

Kindle App has been refreshed and brought in by Amazon to assist its users. With greater flexibility and more user friendly features, this Windows 8 enabled application helps the reader find, read and download articles faster than before. This certainly takes the user to clouded library listing features, once he is logged in to his account.

The alphabetical . . . → Read More: Kindle re-invented, Windows 8 has more tools

Windows Search App launched by Google

Although with the release of Microsoft’s Windows 8, Google might stand as one of the biggest competitors, yet that has not blocked the search giant from launching a search app for the new OS users. Google Search App can be availed for free in the Windows Store for Windows 8 and will be a substitute […]

Apple’s sudden iPad Update!

Apple has launched its new generation of iPad, just 6 months after it launched its predecessor. The new launch is seen as an attempt to take the attention of the market away from the impending launch of new Windows 8. The launch comes at a time when Windows 8 is about to release. This announcement […]