Local alternatives to replace Google and Gmail in Iran

In response to the anti-Islam film making rounds on the internet, Iranian officials have decided to ban Google and Gmail. They have decided to come up with local alternatives that would be used instead of Gmail and Google. The decision has left country’s media and a millions of internet users unhappy. Iran successfully banned Gmail last […]

Internet Radio Run of Apple hit a rough road

The latest news about Apple is not about its booming success of iphone 5 sales nor is it about the legal wins over arch rivals in courts. The current news is that ‘Internet radio service’, a plan of Apple is not working along its planned way. The plan has encountered some legal problems on the […]

New Legislation In Texas Is Working, But Is It Enough

While consumer groups are still on a high due to their victory in helping get payday loan legislation passed that went into effect in January, they maintain more needs to be done. (See here for more.)   The new laws require state licensure for all CABs (Credit Access Businesses), as well as specific disclosures to borrowers about […]