Microsoft surface tablet; an analysis

The Microsoft Surface tablet will reach in the palms of the customers by the end of this week. The new tablet is launched with great expectations by Microsoft which according to them is an answer to iPad and Android tablets. The new MS tablet when compared to iPad 2 makes a mark but when compared […]

Additional 4.4 million jobs in IT Sector by 2015.

The silicon (IT) industry is likely to see a creation of 4.4 million jobs globally by 2015. According research and advisory firm Gartner, these jobs will support big data, but only 1/3rd of the total jobs will be filled because of lack of talent. It also said that the Spending on IT is likely to […]

Mark Zuckerberg would have been in Microsoft if not in Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has said that if Facebook, the social networking website had not been a reality he would have probably worked in the software giant Microsoft. In an interview given to Paul Graham, (co-founder of the tech venture capital Fun Y Combinator) before a huge gathering of 1,7oo people at Stanford’ memorial Hall, he said […]

Apple opens new store in China

Apple, one of the leading players in smartphone industry is expanding its store base in Asian region. Apple has announced that it is going to open up its first outlet in the Shenzhen region of China at the Yitian Holiday Plaza. Apple has not given any particular date on which the opening is going to […]