Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini

Announced yesterday, the all new Samsung Galaxy S III mini brings about an astounding twist in the Korean chaebol’s outstanding strategy of maintaining supremacy in the global mobile market. Though the S III mini is a look alike of the larger Galaxy S III, it has a smaller 4-inch screen. Anyway it bears a striking […]

Is the Colorado Payday Lending Tide Changing?

Colorado is seeing results from recent legislation passed to regulate the payday loan industry.  (See here for more information.)  At least, some officials claim that the trend being seen is a result of the legislation.  Others claim that while the new laws may deserve some of the credit; other factors contributed as well.  The annual […]

Microsoft Point Elimination Confirmed

Microsoft currency is the currency of all the Microsoft stores such as Xbox Live Marketplace, Windows Lice Gallery, Games for windows marketplace and Zune online stores. These points allow for users to buy content in these marketplaces such as downloads of certain games, full versions of others. These Microsoft Points is like a personalized system […]

One day after release,Mozilla puts a stop on Firefox 16

October 12th saw the release of an upgraded version of Mozilla Firefox, version 16. The same day, however, later at night, Mozilla announced a temporary stop to it. In a blog post announcement late on Wednesday night for the upgrade released for Mac and Linux, a security breach was discovered. Sources in the company discovered […]

Apple v/s Samsung: US court finally lifts patent ban

be in for some good news. Early on Thursday, the appeals court of the United States of America, lifted the sales ban on Samsung. There were allegations of Samsung phones sales going up due to copying features of the Apple iPhone. However, since there was no clear evidence found of the same, the US sales […]

Is There a New Trend In Colorado Payday Lending?

There is some disagreement as to whether new trends in the Colorado payday lending scene are a result of legislation passed last year, or more related to other factors that happened to fall in line at the same time. (See more here.) The trend being discussed is a fairly dramatic decrease in the number of payday loan services . . . → Read More: Is There a New Trend In Colorado Payday Lending?

Microsoft Points no more in circulation

On October 11th Microsoft came out and confirmed floating rumours of the Microsoft Points system and its future. Microsoft currency is the currency used to by Microsoft users at their stores such as Xbox Live Marketplace, Zune online stores and other games for Windows Marketplace. These points were introduced to reduce and phase out small credit . . . → Read More: Microsoft Points no more in circulation

The Flaws of “Common Knowledge”: Why Waiting on Windows 8 Might Not Be Useful

It isn’t tough to find a litany of reasons to support people’s view on the predestined failure of Windows 8.Most of the analytical ones revolve around the belief that the Metro interface, being too closed down wouldn’t be able to catch the eye of business customers. It’s a fair point that Microsoft has to address because . . . → Read More: The Flaws of “Common Knowledge”: Why Waiting on Windows 8 Might Not Be Useful