Windows 8 e-readers can expect a change

Barnes and Noble have earned a distinct reputation in the e-book business across whole U.S. The company has capitulated the minds and hearts of e-readers and thus is one of the market giant in e-book business. Barnes and Noble, faces serious competition only from Kindle (Amazon) which is the current market leader in e-book business. […]

Samsung to record £4.5bn Profits

The South Korean tech-giant claims to have quarterly operating profit up by 25% successively making it record third quarter profits of £4.5bn (8.1tn Korean won), almost double of last year’s, caused due to the heavy sales of Samsung smart TVs and Galaxy s3. The figure enfolds 3 months till the end of September. However, most […]

‘Firefox Metro Preview’ Shows Promise Among The Bugs

Ever since Windows 8’s elementary browser wars is being surrounded by the press, Mozilla is slightly trailing in making their program ready for release. For months Windows 8 modified Chrome has been available and Internet Explorer 10 is also nearly developed. With only a few weeks remaining before the new OS becomes available to the general . . . → Read More: ‘Firefox Metro Preview’ Shows Promise Among The Bugs