The Aakash is back, and shines in sneak peeks

As planned, finally the world’s cheapest tablet has come together. Priced at $35, Aakash 2 is likely to bring about a revolution. Early October which marks the first anniversary of its predecessor will also see its launch. Some US tech experts, who got a sneak peek of the tablet, loved it. In a review of […]

Sony plans for a slimmer Playstation 3

Sony is about to announce a new slimmer and lighter model of Playstation 3 home console by the year end while gearing up for the growing competition in games from smart phones. The documents filed with Federal Communication Commission reveal a CECH-4001x model which relates to the sleeker PS 3, which will be introduced next […]

Iphone 5 Available in Gold plated version.

The news this time about iphone 5 is not about its success in the market or about its impressive sale figures. The ‘golden’ news that surrounds iphone 5 is all about glitter. If you are wondering what this word ‘golden’ means in the previous line, then check out the new gold plated avatar of Iphone […]

Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook users crossed 1 billion

In a historic development in the world of internet, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, admitted that Facebook have crossed 1 billion monthly user line. Zuckerberg updated a status on Facebook stating that it has achieved a milestone by being the largest ever used social networking site. He thanked all the Facebook users whole heartedly; and made […]