Review: Windows 8

With the launch of Windows 8, every user has now switched to the new version. Windows 7 was natural with familiar RTM build and interaction, but using an entire new operating system is a bit confusing. People have many queries regarding the functioning of Windows 8. Certainly everyone needs assistance while operating Windows 8 for the . . . → Read More: Review: Windows 8

Companion App on Windows Phone 8 Now Available

Along with the launch of Windows Phone 8, Microsoft has announced to launch a Windows Phone companion app for both its version: Windows 8 as well as Windows RT. The function of this app is to sync content easier with Windows Phone 8 devices. It includes everything ranging from music to pictures to movies.

The best thing . . . → Read More: Companion App on Windows Phone 8 Now Available

Can Microsoft Surface pose iPad as a compromise?

Building a tablet has seen huge differences in terms of its designs. Some of them, especially the 7” Android devices such as Amazon’s Kindle Fire are fully consumption-geared devices. These tablets are cheap, which can serve media but are not much productive. Apple’s iPad is no doubt amazing for watching music, media and working in various . . . → Read More: Can Microsoft Surface pose iPad as a compromise?

Microsoft Surface Keyboard Covers

What was more alluring in the Microsoft Surface Tablet launch was mainly the keyboard cover, which possibly makes the tablet one of the best tablet computers available in terms of efficiency with no additional bulk. The enticing Surface keyboard is available in two varieties. The Type Cover is the slimmest mechanical keyboard that comes with […]

Recap of Windows Launch Event

Finally the much-hyped, innovative and controversial product ever was unveiled by Microsoft in New York.  Scores of information was rolled out regarding Microsoft’s latest OS Windows 8 as well as its Surface Tablet. Windows 8 came out as the most dynamic versions of the OS and has been designed for a whole new generation of […]

Nokia No Longer in Top 3

For the first time in history, Nokia is no longer in the top three smart phone ranking around the world. Research has shown that Samsung has shipped the maximum number of Smart phones in a single quarter in the year 2012 with numbers going up till 56.9 million phones. 26.9 million Smart phones were shipped by . . . → Read More: Nokia No Longer in Top 3

Can Microsoft Surface be an alternative to iPad

There has been vast distinction in the designs when it comes to designing a tablet. Some tablets, generally which are 7” Android-powered like Amazon’s Kindle Fire are cogged fully towards utilization. The iPad is great when it comes to watching movies and working in variety of content. It can even be used to craft textbooks or . . . → Read More: Can Microsoft Surface be an alternative to iPad

Microsoft Surface Type Cover

What amazed the most during the Microsoft surface launch was its keyboard cover particularly, which makes the Surface one of the best tablets available in the market in terms of output without adding up any bulk. The mesmeric keyboard comes in two varieties. The Touch cover is laser-fixed pressure sensitive keyboard and protecting cover costing $119, . . . → Read More: Microsoft Surface Type Cover

Apple launches iPad mini

At the event for the launch of Ipad 4 mini, on 23rd October 2012,  Tim Cook first spoke to a large audience about the success and sales of iPhone 5. Then, the attention of the audience was taken towards MacBook with its remarkable specifications. The MacBook is .75’’ thick, possesses 2 lightning ports, 2 USB […]