Google Map Not For iPhone 5

Google has no plans of providing Google Maps for Apple’s iPhone 5 new operating system iOS 6 after it dropped the Maps app of Google that has been integrated with iPhone since its first release in 2007, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt reported on Tuesday.  At the company’s Nexus 7 tablet launch in Tokyo declined to . . . → Read More: Google Map Not For iPhone 5

Microsoft woos College kids to boost Windows 8 Apps

With Windows 8 getting ready for release, Microsoft is going to experience its first biggest venture into tablet-centric device. The bar set for app selection is going to be persistently high as a result of the tough competition by the already established tech-giants, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. To achieve the objective of high end apps, . . . → Read More: Microsoft woos College kids to boost Windows 8 Apps

Impending Legalization of Payday Loans in Pennsylvania

While the ever growing debate between payday loan supporters and opponents rages on, one state is on the brink of what could be major change.  While many states are moving to outlaw the practice of payday lending, Pennsylvania actually has legislation potentially on the way to the governor that would legalize the practice in the state.  . . . → Read More: Impending Legalization of Payday Loans in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Potentially Legalizing Payday Lending

The world of finance and consumer advocates are split on their opinion of whether or not payday lending is a good thing.  The need for a source of short-term financing is great for many, but at what cost do they fill this need with a payday advance type loan?  In Pennsylvania it is currently not […]

Windows 8 Flash fixed

The days of Adobe’s Flash, one of the most vital platforms or technology to publish website content in browsers, has gone by. Google who had integrated flash in its very successful mobile software, the Android, has now excluded it in its latest version of the mobile operating system, namely Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. This non-inclusion […]