Apple to be sued by Samsung over iPhone 5

The recently launched Apple’s iPhone 5 has been accused by Samsung to have violated its patent. The new smartphone has been set up on sale in eight countries and will be available in 22 other countries. The battle over patent infringement between Apple and Samsung began last year in April. Since then none of the […]

Apple fans complain of missing landmarks in new map system

LONDON-On Thursday, Apple was severely criticised by users around the world. They complained of errors in the new mapping system of the tech giant. A day after the release of the new system, users from around the world, including countries such as United States, Britain, China, France and Japan protested against the misplaced landmarks in […]

Apple’s new IOS 6 system

This Wednesday Apple releases to the public its newest version of operating system, ios6.It comes with an enhanced version of Siri, new calling features such as setting up a “do not disturb” period and a new mapping app. Other features of the system include Facebook integration throughout the system, shared photo streams through which one […]

Samsung Mocks Apple

Samsung today broadcasted a new television advertisement mocking Apple fans who have lined up to buy the all new IPhone 5. The commercial was broadcasted on the day apple announced its new operating system iOS6, for the older iPhones, and just a few days before Apples’ official launch of the all new iPhone 5. The […]