Now, Samsung refuses chips to Apple

Due to some disagreement related to pricing issues, Samsung Electronics Co. have refused to furnish memory chips for Apple Inc.’s very first shipment. Also, another insider revealed that Samsung’s displays will also not be a part of the first batches at least, of the soon to be released and very much anticipated iphone 5. Suwon, […]

Developer Access Limited in Windows 8

The absence of a good number of apps from the App Stores of Windows phones is one of the major reason for the windows phone being unsuccessful. There is a lot going in favor of Windows Phone 7.5 compared to the competition, but without that sort of potential personalization it is hard to attract sufficient […]

Price War Stirred; Amazon

A war has been outraged related to price in the market of Tabs. Amazon has launched a series of new Tablets which possess more features and are available at a low price, lower than the price of Apple iPads. A new range of Tablets, named as the Kindle Fire HD, was introduced by Amazon Chief […]

Intel lowers the Q3 sale by $1 billion

The chip manufacturing giant, Intel, slashed their third-quarter sales estimate by $1.6 billion Intel is now producing a third quarter revenue of a whopping $13.2 billion, after originally stating a sale of $13.8 to $14.8 billion (as quoted by Intel itself). The company is due to report the third quarter revenue on 16th of the coming . . . → Read More: Intel lowers the Q3 sale by $1 billion