Windows RT reviewed

Microsoft Windows RT is going to be tested under hands of the reviewers of the Software Industry for encountering previews about the OS. Their reactions have been very predictable. When it comes to the use of Modern UI, Windows RT will perform appreciably well when loaded on the touchscreen devices. For now, main emphasized factor […]

Apple earphones expected to have a new design

A new design for Apple earphones is expected to come up in the market, as a few people have uploaded some pictures on a Vietnamese blog ‘Tinhte’, which hint that the new earphones of Apple will be shipped with the new Iphone very soon. The new earphones have left the circular design of the old ones and […]

Windows RT to be tested

Windows RT is finally going to be tested for pros and cons. After this entire wait, people are getting their hands on Windows RT and its mixed reviews. Windows 8 works like a charm on touch based input devices, thanks to its Modern UI. That’s why everyone has their eyes on how this Windows RT performs.

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Samsung Clarifies Its Position

Samsung was accused last month for having a manufacturing partner which had child labor in its factory operations. Samsung did a private investigation and found out that all the workers of the manufacturing unit had attained the legal working age. The company took the matter of child labor very seriously when ‘China Labor Watch’ accused the . . . → Read More: Samsung Clarifies Its Position