Microsoft’s Start Button Impediment Solution

The biggest impediment of Microsoft Windows 8 for its rapid adoption is its use of Modern UI on uninterested people who hate changes. Start Menu is completely absent in Windows 8 and its users who are unfamiliar to the new interface will have to be well acquainted with the basics of the new Modern UI. […]

NASA set to launch satellite “Smartphones”

NASA has unfolded a future plan in which it will send compact and cheap satellites in the space using the technology of smartphones. The new plan is called PhoneSat and uses a Nexus S handset specially made for the purpose which runs on Android software. PhoneSat is a plan which will send satellites into the […]

Samsung wins the patent suit against Apple in Japan

Samsung Electronics Co. won a major victory in the patent legal field as Apple lost a major patent lawsuit in Japan. The judge clearly said in his judgment that the tablet computer of the Samsung didn’t infringe upon the rights of Apple. The judge stated that the method of synchronizing multimedia content between two devices and . . . → Read More: Samsung wins the patent suit against Apple in Japan