Samsung to launch new Windows 8 tablet at IFA, Germany

Samsung is all set to sell its latest Windows 8 hybrid tablet soon. The 5th series, Windows 8 tablet, is scheduled to make an appearance at IFA trade show in Berlin, Germany this week.

A photo of company’s new tablet has been uploaded on the company’s official Facebook page along with a tagline “Ready to be smart” . . . → Read More: Samsung to launch new Windows 8 tablet at IFA, Germany

Samsung fights for its Right

Samsung seems to have decided to do every possible thing in order to keep its popular mobile devices in the US markets. This step has come following Apple’s continuous pounding to put a ban on a number of electronic devices manufactured by the South Korean company. The Apple Inc. is trying to pound its last […]

Microsoft Celebrates Apple’s Patent Suit Victory

The final judgment came up in the favor of Apple in the Apple-Samsung patent trial. Apple has been awarded $1.049 billion over Samsung for contravening the patents of Apple. This judgment is rejoiced by Microsoft as the center of the verdict will be applying to nearly all Android devices, whilst the Windows hones will be […]

Samsung and Apple likely to maintain healthy business relationships

Samsung Electronics might be staggering from a patent throbbing by Apple corporation, but this does not seem likely to harm the other phase of their business relationship. It seems that Samsung, who is the only one to supply Apple-designed chips for iPhones and iPads, will continue this aspect of relationships. Following the recent legal defeat […]

Facebook to remove inappropriate pictures permanently.

Facebook users have good news for them; the largest social networking website all over the world has come up with a decision that it would finally remove all the inappropriate and embarrassing images, which were swanning over the internet for all these years. The website has kept millions of such pictures against its user’s will […]

Google faces the music of the Apple Samsung Trial

The present scenario is that as expected. Apple has been successful in completely cleansing Samsung’s clock leaving behind the company rushing for an appeal, and there happen to be a plenty of unanswered questions. What would be effect on the market? What importance does it hold to the rest of the Smartphone vendors with the […]

Bad Boy Social Media

 The social media has somehow always been the ‘bad boy’. It has specially been accused for playing a major role in broadening the scope of the rumours regarding the recent north-east divergence. The government took a strong stand in this and blocked all possible objectionable content off the social networking sites and other websites. In […]

Offer details of the Windows 8 $15 upgradation

Everyone who would be successful in grabbing this offer would be at the receiving end of Windows 8 pro that happens to be the version of the new OS that is richer in features. It would be within the reach of everyone immediately once it is released. The people interested in the physical copy of […]