Amazon’s Glacier storage challenges tape for money

Amazon web services have introduced a long term cloud- based archival service by the name of Glacier through which you can dump data into technology’s storage in a less expensive way. The company has opened many markets in this process and is posing a challenge to likes of Rackspace, SunGuard and many other cloud companies. One . . . → Read More: Amazon’s Glacier storage challenges tape for money

Offer details of the Windows 8 $15 upgradation

On one side, Microsoft has been busy in getting upgrades on the older version of the computers with the 40$ upgrade proposal that would be valid through the end of the month of January, they are also busy making accommodations for more people to purchase new computers. In order to hopefully lessen the wish of waiting . . . → Read More: Offer details of the Windows 8 $15 upgradation

Modern products add to the flagship of cameras at COOLPIX

Five new products are being launched by Nikon in the series of COOLPIX the series of digital cameras under the category of the cameras possessing the ability of compact point-and-shoot. New models have been launched named P7700, S6400, L610, S01 and S800c have been equipped with HD movie function and NIKKOR lenses that cater to […]

Apple’s gain may be a loss for the users

California: After being declared by the jury that Samsung actually used plagiarized technology from Apple it’s much hyped about iphone and ipad, it is the customers who are really in a tiff now. The $1 billion for Apple has now been a legal threat for others who plan on launching the plagiarized technology. The electronic […]

Slashed Sony…

Sony, the smart phone maker, is struggling to keep up with competitors such as Apple, Samsung, HT. The competition has thrown Sony off the Top 10 biggest phone maker’s list! The riches of the company are descending and well, so is its workforce! The company Sony is trying to strategise a revival plan, with the objective of saving money […]

The New and Refurbished Dell Insprion 14R

Adding to the already modish and explicitly fashionable Dell Inspiron series, the latest 14 R and 15 R are creating a buzz in the laptop market with their pocket friendly techniques. Endowed with a fully functional Windows 7 Basic edition, USB 3.0 ports and Bluetooth 4.0 modules; this 14-inch screened workstation is available to you […]