Windows 8 wrecks tradition for its licensing agreements

The Microsoft Corporation has finally decided to take a stand for their licensing issues for another Windows release. With Microsoft Windows being used as the staple user interface throughout the world, Microsoft is in oblivion when it comes to consumer preferred installation of the operating system. There has always been a licensed version available for […]

Windows 8 License Agreements

Microsoft completely re-established its license agreements with Windows 8. Finally the Microsoft license agreements can be expected to be practical and reasonable with their new windows release. Whilst Windows is the primary choice when it comes to desktop computing however the consumer installation continued to be of much difficulty to its publisher.  But with Windows 8, . . . → Read More: Windows 8 License Agreements

The iPhone App Controversy

The Australian iPhone Knocked App, brazenly claims to alter the pictures digitally to give the individual a nine months pregnant look. The job is done by the amazing picture processing technology of the Knocked App. This iPhone App simply lets users to mark up the snap by pressing a button. It uses photographic impregnation for reducing . . . → Read More: The iPhone App Controversy

Promotional Codes Now Available for Various Payday Lenders

Promotional codes are common in online shopping.  They allow for discounts on everything from clothing to pizza delivery, and it only made sense to expand the service even more.  Now promo codes are being offered that result in discounts on payday loans offered by lenders online.  The codes vary in discounts they offer, with some discounting . . . → Read More: Promotional Codes Now Available for Various Payday Lenders

Indian Govt to take action against Tweets

Several controversies over the news reveal that the Indian government might block quite a few url’s and tweets that were related with the abhorrence messages against North-East people. Though, some recent tweets show that the government has already started to block tweets. The relationship between India and Pakistan is further going to get sourer with the . . . → Read More: Indian Govt to take action against Tweets