Newell states Windows 8 as a Catastrophe… is he right?!

Gabe Newell created a stir by stating that Windows 8 will prove to be a catastrophe especially for the game developers. He was pretty upset about the way he presumes Windows 8 would hurt the PC gaming sales. He avowed that Win 8 would eventually compel some of the top level PC/Original Equipment Manufacturers to […]

Apple Desires to Modify Your Shopping Experience

The latest buzz says that Apple has landed itself up with a new patent which lets it preside over service rights for offering the buyers best deals at best prices. This NFC-powered shopping application allows the users make a shopping list electronically by scanning the bar code of any particular product. It’ll also provide the […]

Google Web Search to Provide Personal Info

Google is about to make the web search results more pertinent to the users. It is about to integrate the personal data of its users from the email accounts such as Gmail and also from their posts from Google+. The pictures uploaded by the users or their friends in Google+ can be easily searched from […]

Hike In India’s Average Internet Speed, But At Snail’s Pace In The Global Level

The internet boom in the country has occurred with a simultaneous increase in the averahe internet speed. A growth of 16% was registered in the Jan-March quarter, with the connection speed being 1 Mbps. However, a report by Akamai suggests that India’s ranking in the global level in terms of average internet speed is 112.

Even though . . . → Read More: Hike In India’s Average Internet Speed, But At Snail’s Pace In The Global Level

Samsung Says No To RIM

Samsung quashed the rumors regarding its apparent plans to purchase Research In Motion and dismissed the idea that it might license its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform.

Samsung spokesperson James Chung vehemently denied any such move when he spoke to Reuters, “We haven’t considered acquiring the firm and are not interested in [buying RIM].” However, the ensuing comment . . . → Read More: Samsung Says No To RIM