Another Smart Cover by Apple

Recently, Apple has shown interest in bringing forth a smart cover for iPad which will work as a secondary screen for the device. According to a revelation by U.S patent office, Apple has filed a patent for this smart cover for iPad. The smart cover will share data with the iPad screen and display the […]

Privacy Violated; Google To Pay The Price

Charges have been pressed against Google as it arrogantly violated the privacy norms of the Apple’s web browser, Safari. Due to this act, a fine of 22.5 million US Dollars has been imposed upon it. Google has a policy which says that it will not place any tracking “cookies” or serve any ads to the […]

Alternative Free Online Storage; Safe And Reliable

Backing up valuable data through online storage services has become very easy, safe and free from data loss. Online storage services such as DropBox and Google Drive ensure solution for free online backup and are very much reliable as they are free of virus attacks, physical damage and even data loss. Thus numerous amounts of […]