Microsoft Shuns The Use of “Metro” in Windows 8.

Microsoft has given its users a twist in the tale before releasing its Windows 8 OS. The ‘Twist’ here refers to defer from the usage of the word “Metro” before the final release of Windows 8. The company has clarified that the word “Metro” was only a code name that was never to be rally […]

World War 3: Windows 8 vs. Mountain lion.

Arch techno rivals Apple and Microsoft have launched Mountain lion and Windows 8 operating systems respectively. With the first look, it becomes clear that both of them are trying to merge the mobile operating systems with that of computers. As expected both them are on the same plane with a large number of similarities but there . . . → Read More: World War 3: Windows 8 vs. Mountain lion.

Sharing stories through Facebook

The website, which as the company Facebook sees it, is a wing of their product solely dedicated towards sharing some of the most extraordinary, thought aggravating and idiosyncratic stories of people throughout the world. Facebook expects that the site would boost the sense of self of Facebook and in turn, hopefully be able to lift . . . → Read More: Sharing stories through Facebook

HTC predicts low Q2 results

HTC has been witnessing its fortune evanesce over past few months following a series of some tactical and strategic troubles that has cost the company its revenues and shares in the market. Latest quarterly reports have shown large downturn in HTC’s revenues and profit. Market shares of HTC corp. has dropped 6 percent, the figure is . . . → Read More: HTC predicts low Q2 results

The New Microsoft Excel 2013.

Going by its reputation for innovation and change, Microsoft has changed many features in its new version of Excel of Office 13. The new version’s main focus is upon the accessibility of data. One of the very novice changes is that the “Touch Mode” option is included in the default Quick Access Toolbar. The new flash . . . → Read More: The New Microsoft Excel 2013.

Microsoft Windows 8 Release Date Announced

After a successful beta launch, Microsoft is all set to release its much awaited windows 8. After a lineage of prestigious Operating systems that have found a position in a majority of computers all over the world, Microsoft is here with an advanced and revolutionized version of the windows. It has already been released to manufacturer . . . → Read More: Microsoft Windows 8 Release Date Announced

Windows 8 is a huge blunder: Gabe Newell

Everyone knows that Microsoft has created their own storefront for Windows 8. The real question is how the changes made in the new version going to affect the market place? Companies which have major business related with Microsoft are particularly concerned about this new Storefront. Newell’s Valve has a huge share in the PC game digital . . . → Read More: Windows 8 is a huge blunder: Gabe Newell