Verizon Smartphones To Be 4G LTE All The Way

Verizon has confirmed all their smartphones are going to be 4G LTE enabled. Not only that, everything that Verizon offers in terms of tablets, wireless hotspot devices and netbooks will come with 4G LTE fully enabled. So that would include all the iPhones, Blackberry and Windows Phone and Windows 8 devices that they will be […]

Xperia Ion From Sony Ericsson Announced

Sony Ericsson LT15a Xperia Arc Unlocked Phone with Android 2.3 and 4.2-Inch Multi-Touch Display–U.S Warranty (Midnight Blue)

The Xperia family just got a little bit bigger last week when Sony Ericsson announced a new phone for the line called Xperia Ion. Other than being the first full Sony branded smartphone, it is also one of the . . . → Read More: Xperia Ion From Sony Ericsson Announced

BlackBerry PlayBook Software Update Hopes To Refresh RIM Tablet

Research In Motion, the company behind the iconic Blackberry series of smartphones aimed at the enterprise sector, has released the next version of the OS for the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. This update brings in a series of updates that the platform badly needed like a calendar, email and contacts app. Previously all of these features […]

Windows 8 Tablet And Lenovo Smart TV To Run On Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor

HTC Flyer 7" Android Tablet, 16 GB Running On Qualcomm Snapdragon

CES 2012 is in full swing as we enter the last day of the event. During the whole event, we have seen fairly good number of tablets and smart TVs. Almost every large computer maker has a tablet out here and almost all TV makers . . . → Read More: Windows 8 Tablet And Lenovo Smart TV To Run On Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Processor

HP Spectre Ultrabook Shown Off At CES 2012

HP 13.3" UltraBook 4GB 128GB SSD

The HP Sprectre is the company’s flagship Ultrabook model and one of the Microsoft-highlighted Ultrabook models running Windows 8. It was first seen during the Microsoft keynote that Steve Ballmer presented at CES 2012.

The Spectre is all about sleek design, modern aesthetics and a brand new OS from Microsoft. It . . . → Read More: HP Spectre Ultrabook Shown Off At CES 2012

Samsung TV Will Support Voice Commands And Gestures

  Samsung announced their new line of voice and gestured controlled smart TV’s this week at CES 2012 in Las Vegas, USA. These TV’s will come with special microphones and cameras in order to listen to and see the user and interpret their speech and gestures as commands. In order to remain competitive, LG Electronics […]

Lenovo IdeaPad K210 Tablet And K800 Smartphone Powered By Lenovo

Lenovo K1 Ideapad 130422U 10.1-Inch Tablet (Black)

Intel has been busy showing off its reference design for the Medfield mobile processor — the first of its kind to be released by Intel. This puts the company in direct competition with ARM — the current leader in the mobile technology industry that Intel has been trying to . . . → Read More: Lenovo IdeaPad K210 Tablet And K800 Smartphone Powered By Lenovo

iPhone Demand Steady And Good Long Past 4S Release

According to a recent study conducted by ChangeWave Research, both Apple and Samsung are fast establishing themselves as really strong players in the smartphone market. This is at least true for the US markets and we all know how popular the iPhone 4S is right now even though it was released quite a few months […]